Anti-microbial cleaners from Genesis Biosciences

3rd of June 2016

Biosciences specialist Genesis Biosciences has developed anti-microbial products for use with feminine hygiene units using a patented ‘vapour technology’ based on a natural active ingredient being supported under the European Biocidal Products Directive.

Because of the importance of treating sanitary waste efficiently in washrooms, the company’s anti-microbial feminine hygiene technology was created to tackle two key issues - stop odour forming at the source by controlling the growth of malodour-causing bacteria, and protect washroom users from harmful pathogens which may be residing inside the feminine hygiene unit.

The active ingredient and vapour action within Genesis’ feminine hygiene unit germicide has been scientifically proven to combat harmful bacteria in the waste throughout the full length of the service cycle, even when the feminine hygiene unit is full of sanitary waste - offering greater protection to washroom users in comparison to traditional odour masking products and chemical cleaners says the company. 


Our Partners

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