All-in-one from Excel Dryer

13th of September 2021
All-in-one from Excel Dryer

Combining soap, water and air in a wash basin in a single location, the new XLERATORsync from Excel Dryer boasts touch-free operation and modern design.

This model incorporates the latest XLERATOR dryer technology with an exclusively designed custom wash basin based on Ha-Ha drainage principles. The angles of the wash basin are designed to deflect water away from the user, eliminating splashes and delivering invisible drainage.

The basin is manufactured using HI-MACS Natural Stone, an acrylic/mineral mix which is then coloured using natural pigments to create a smooth, non-porous, visually seamless surface.

There are many customisation options, alongside bespoke measurements that ensure the system fits into all surroundings. Basins are available in over 100 colours.

XLERATORsync can be provided with touchless soap and water tap dispensers but can also support other water and soap dispensers according to client requirements. Dryer temperature and speed settings can be individually controlled.


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