New products - Pulire 2011 preview

20th of May 2011

ECJ looks ahead to the Pulire exhibition in Verona from May 24-26 with a round-up of the new products being launched there.


The CS140 Twin Action sweeping machine - aimed at urban and industrial areas - has been designed by Comac to effectively offer two sweeping machines in one.

At the heart of the machine is the patented TwinActionSystem, which combines a strong mechanical action to collect large pieces of waste with efficient suction for pick-up of finer dust. This, says Comac, reduces water consumption significantly while also making it suitable for use in the most challenging conditions.

Particular focus was given to environment and safety in the machine's development. Water consumption is low because it is used in a nebulised state only to control dust without wetting the ground. Fuel consumption and emissions have also been reduced thanks to the high performance hydraulic system and the Perkins industrial engine.

Tel: +39 045 877 4222. Email:


TTS will be demonstrating its Action Pro trolley system. This features removable 80 mm wheels and a new double bucket to separate the rinsing water from the detergent solution.

The trolley is double-handled and comes equipped with two drain-plugs - one to the front and one to the rear - for emptying out liquids.

The product is said to be ergonomic since the bucket is higher than on many trolleys, allowing the operator to work while standing. The Action Pro is also claimed to be eco-friendly since it is made entirely from polypropylene and is robust, non-rusting and recyclable.

Tel: +39 049 9300710. Email:


New from Idrobase are two high pressure cleaners. The first operates at pressures up to 800 bar and is said to be particularly suitable for the industrial market, while the second works with cold water and is also designed for use in the industrial sector.

Club dei Riparatori – which is part of the Idrobase group – will be presenting a new 24-litre detergent nebuliser with plasticised tank. This is said to have double the life of a standard tank since the plastic prevents any oxidation or corrosion of the tank from chemical agents.

Also on display will be new ergonomic guns and lances plus the Kit Perfect Soffio 360 system. This comprises a simple fog module that pressurises water and sprays it through nozzles in a circular pattern.

Tel: +39 049 9336728. Email:


Sweepers, scrubber dryers, window cleaning equipment and vacuum cleaners will be among the products on show on the IPC stand.

The IPC group of companies provides integrated systems for healthcare, public hygiene, shopping centres, hotels and the urban environment.

Products on display will include the High Rise robot for the cleaning of glass façades at height, and the Ultra Pure water purification system for cleaning solar panels and surfaces up to 20 metres from the ground.

Also on show will be the ECR water cleaner for total graffiti removal; the ECS floor cleaning system which is claimed to reduce water consumption by 90 per cent, and HDS mopping equipment which is made from antibacterial plastic. Other highlights will be IPC Soteco’s centralised vacuum system; IPC Ready System’s microfibre products and the Sanivap steam cleaning system for use in the healthcare sector.

Tel: +39 0421 205511. Email:


The range of scrubber dryers and sweepers from OMM comprises both walk-behind and ride-on models and can be used for cleaning any indoor or outdoor space.

OMM can also provide customers with a range of industrial vacuum cleaners, high pressure cleaners and detergents.

Tel. +39 026 128380. Email:


New on the Nettuno stand will be three hand cleaners bearing the EU Ecolabel.

Also on display will be a range of professional skin care and skin protection products including bactericidal soaps, sanitising sprays, barrier creams and hand cleansers in cream, gel and paste formats.

Tel: +39 035 847508. Email:


NBA will be showing a wide range of lead-acid traction batteries. These can be used to power scrubbers, sweepers, floor washers, aerial platforms, forklifts, scissor-lifts, etc.

Tel: +39 030 956438. Email:


Kärcher will be demonstrating its new dry vacuum T 12/1 eco!efficiency model and the BR 30/4 C Bp scrubber dryer.

The T 12/1 eco!efficiency is said to use 40 per cent less energy than appliances with comparable cleaning power while operating at noise levels of only 56 dB(A). This means the vacuum can be used in noise-sensitive areas and for cleaning during business hours.

It has a 12-litre container which is said to facilitate extended working periods, and a tear-proof fleece filter bag that is claimed to hold more than twice the volume of dust as a paper filter.

Designed to take the place of a mop and bucket when cleaning in very confined areas is the BR 30/4 C Bp scrubber dryer. This unit requires no mains connection which means it can be used while the premises are in use without the risk of anyone tripping over cables.

The contact pressure of the roller brush is 10 times higher than that exerted with a mop during manual cleaning.

Tel: +49 7195 140. Email:


The Kolumbo diesel steam generator will be among the highlights of the Lavorwash stand.

This enables vehicles to be cleaned in outdoor areas such as roads, forecourts and in supermarket car parks where no electricity or water supply connection is available.

Billed as a 'portable cleaning solution', the generator has a 25-litre water tank and a power consumption of 350 watts. The Kolumbo also boasts significant water savings compared to classic car wash systems.

Tel: +39 0376 55431. Email:


Vacuum cleaners, single disc machines and scrubber dryers will be on display at Ghibli.

The company will be exhibiting its new M9 and M12 lines of spray cleaners at the event, plus the AS 12 P CF trolley-mounted wet and dry vacuum unit. This is equipped with an integrated discharging pump for continuous suction and dumping.

Also on display will be the new SB 143 TSN double-speed single disk model plus the new SB 150 U 13 polisher.

The Winner 38 BC LongRun – which features a pure lead battery concept for fast charging – completes Ghibli’s compact scrubber dryer line.

Tel. +39 0382 848811. Email:


RCM will be presenting scrubber dryers, sweepers and road sweepers on its three stands.

These will include two ranges of industrial machines including the Mega I walk-behind scrubber dryer and the new Atom Plus ride-on sweeper.

The Ronda, Patrol and Patrol LA road sweepers can be seen in action on the company’s outdoor stand. The Ronda is a mechanical suction sweeper, while the Patrol is a compact vacuum version for use in busy urban areas, forecourts and parking areas.

The new Patrol LA is capable of washing and drying inconsistent outdoor surfaces. It also boasts sufficient suction power to collect solid debris.

Tel: +39 059 515331. Email:


HTC will reveal the new DCS Hybrid series. This is a floor restoration system designed to remove stains, scratches and 'orange peel' marks from floors using ordinary cleaning machines and water.

Improvements to the series over the company’s previous DCS Hybrid product include a more efficient grinding technique and an improved micro-scratch pattern for enhanced results. The lifespan of the system has also been increased compared to the old DCS Hybrid, says HTC.

The new series includes three tools in new colours: the DCS Hybrid Black, DCS Hybrid Red and DCS Hybrid White. Together these replace the previous blue and brown-coloured tools.

HTC will also be running demonstrations of Twister pads on various floor surfaces.

Tel: +46 121 29400. Email:


Injecta will be introducing new products for professional dishwashing machines. Also on display will be various disinfection and foaming products.

Injecta manufactures dosing pumps for professional industrial laundry and dishwashing systems plus dilution systems for chemical products and detergents.

Tel: +39 0746 221438. Email:


The new ECO line of scrubber dryers from Eureka comprises nine models available in 15 versions and includes both walk-behind and ride-on machines. These can be equipped with the patented new ECO system which has won awards for its water economy and detergent-saving qualities.

The machines are said to be rugged, durable and corrosion-resistant, while the company’s Brusho’matic system allows for a fast brush/pad replacement without the use of tools, according to Eureka. The scrub deck can be adjusted to optimise traction stability on all floor types, while the cleaning solution flow can be automatically adjusted according to working speed.

Also on display will be Eureka's sweeping machines.

Tel: +39 049 9481800. Email:


New from Duplex is the Mini Duplex 280 Floor Washer/Carpet Cleaner for use in smaller rooms and restricted areas.

This is said to be simple to use while the fact that it takes up very little room means it is also easy to transport and store, claims Duplex.

The machine is said to be capable of cleaning into the tightest of corners since the bi-directional handle allows the operator to change direction simply by inverting the handle.

The aluminium casing of the unit is hermetically sealed to avoid any penetration by water or dust.

Tel +39 055 876437. Email:


Tecnica will be demonstrating the HD 14/18-inch heavy-duty upright vacuum cleaner.The machine is available in two sizes for cleaning large open areas and tightly-congested spaces.

The fact that the vacuum cleaner has a low profile and can continue to operate when the handle is flat to the floor means the HD line can be used for cleaning under furniture.

The on-board wand and stretch hose enable cleaning in high-up and difficult-to-reach areas.

Tel +39 0432 570845. Email:


Warm air dryers and sanitary bins are among the products from Rossignol. The company specialises in manufacturing and distributing sanitary and waste collection equipment.

Tel: +33 243015544. Email:


Latest product from Santoemma is Eveline, a patented system for cleaning and sanitising vertical surfaces, sanitary fixtures and floors.

This can be used in furnished and unfurnished areas of up to 200 square metres in size.

The system involves the spraying of a chemical solution on to all surfaces. Once this has taken effect it is rinsed away to remove the dirt and bacteria and the residual liquid is vacuumed up from the floors.

When used on hard floors the Eveline system allows the operator to spray and vacuum simultaneously or to spray, brush and then vacuum afterwards. In both cases hard floors are left completely dry within a few seconds and with little effort, according to Santoemma.

The Eveline system is said to avoid the issue of residual dirt on surfaces while the compact, lightweight equipment is easy to carry and store.

Tel: +39 02 339 124 87. Email:


Sprimsol will launch its new automatic Fregomatic wringer.This is a compact machine that wrings out mops, cloths, towels and other cleaning tools at the touch of a button.

The Fregomatic, which works on a rechargeable battery, is said to offer a robust design and long lifespan and can be adapted to work in conjunction with most trolleys, buckets and mop holders.

It is claimed to speed up cleaning tasks and avoid injuries and pain among workers.

Tel: +34 956 41 77 54. Email:

Ophardt Hygiene

Ophardt Hygiene will be presenting a comprehensive range of dispensers and dosage systems for the public washroom.

These will include the stainless steel SanTRAL series which incorporates Anti-Fingerprint Coating said to ensure a noticeable reduction of visible fingerprints during use.

SanTRAL dispensing systems can be refilled using any standard paper towels, toilet paper, soaps, creams, Eurobottles or hygienic bags.

Ophardt will also be introducing its new HAU automatic paper towel dispenser. This provides an automatic paper feed function with a reliable cutting unit. The unit is suitable for all paper towel rolls up to 200 mm diameter with a minimum inner diameter of 38 mm.

Also from Ophardt is the stainless steel PLS family of dispensers which includes a soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser, waste bins and accessories.

Tel: +49 2835 18-10. Email:


New from Pulitecno is the Hynox hot water high pressure cleaner, made entirely from stainless steel. The machine features a pump with three ceramic pistons and brass head plus a built-in detergent suction system and thermostat. The Hynox has a 10-metre high pressure hose and a 5.5-metre power lead.

The machine is fitted with Pulitecno’s TSI and TQC systems. TSI (intelligent total stop) comprises a time-delay auto stop/start function; a three-second delay on the boiler to facilitate self-cleaning, and an auto stop function which is activated on leak detection, lack of water or after one hour without use. The boiler also automatically shuts down when it runs out of diesel.

Tel: +39 0523 577811. Email:


Highlight of the Unger stand will be the launch of the ErgoTec Ninja ergonomic window squeegee. This features a swivel handle, tension control, TriLock Channel security mechanism, strong extruded T6 aluminium channels and patented end clips for rubber change.

Also new is the SmartFit Floor squeegee with universal socket. This is said to hold all common handles in any material with diameters of between 20 and 29.5 mm. It has a colour coding option for HACCP conditions and is available in different sizes in either plastic or aluminium.

The HiFlo WaterFedPole system was expanded last year to offer MultiLink Angle adapters and several new brushes. This is said to help make window cleaning at height both safer and faster since it is claimed to allow the worker to reach nearly any angle and distance from the ground.

The modular CarbonTec Poles are up to 15 metres long, while the telescopic poles reach up to 20 metres.

Tel: +49 21222070. Email:


Adiatek will be showing its range of floor scrubbing machines. These are available in seven models and in more than 30 versions, with cleaning widths ranging from 30 cm to 120 cm.

The Baby unit, suitable for cleaning in restricted areas, has a 35 cm width single brush scrubber plus a 15-litre tank, batteries and on-board charger. The Baby Plus version can be operated for up to two hours on battery power.

Also new from Adiatek is the Ruby 50e at 230V which is said to be reliable and easy to operate. It is designed for use in areas where an electric cable will not present an obstacle.

The new 3S Solution Saving System designed to reduce water consumption is available on all Ruby, Jade and Amber models, while the 3SD Solution Saving System Dispenser dosing system is incorporated into the Coral And Sapphire ride-ons.

Tel: +39 045 8779086. Email:


Sustainability and innovation are two themes of Diversey's area. New products to be introduced include the Taski integrated trolley system. A complete set of tools and equipment is available to configure the trolley to support microfibre, spray-and-wipe, wet-mop and general cleaning tasks.

Diversey will also be showcasing its cleaning concentrates for building care applications. These will include DQFM for applications where a water connection is available, and Divermite for safe dosage efficiency. The company claims one pouch of its floor cleaner can prepare 125 litres of ready-to-use solution, eliminating chemical miles and extra packaging.

Tel:+31 30 24 76911. Email:


Tork tissue manufacturer SCA will divide its 100 sqm-plus stand into four dedicated corners.The company’s key segments of healthcare, hospitality and the food industry will be featured, while the fourth corner will focus on sustainability - one of SCA’s core values.

Due to be launched is the new Tork Foam Soap range. Also to be shown for the first time will be new non-woven wiper Tork Premium 570.

SCA will also be showing other recent innovations: the new toilet tissue range including the Tork Compact Auto Shift; folded toilet paper products; jumbo toilet rolls; mini-jumbo options and conventional toilet paper rolls plus new white napkins available in two sizes and in one- and two-ply options.

Tel: +39 0331 443911. Email:


Amer will be exhibiting a range of permanent magnet DC motors, gear motors and traction systems on its stand.

These will include the MTR11 series of advanced single-wheel traction drives designed for handling materials in heavy-duty conditions. Claimed to be silent, robust and efficient, these products are available with permanent magnet DC, shunt wound DC and AC motor options and in various dimensions and voltages.

Tel: +39 0445 400200. Email:



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