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25th of November 2010

A look at what's new in the world of high pressure cleaners.

Built-in vacuum

The JMB-H WWC from DiBO is a complete trailer with hot water high pressure cleaner and a vacuum system, for cleaning and at the same time sucking up the waste water.

The compact unit incorporates two stainless steel water tanks (up to 500 litres each) - one for clean water and the other for waste water. The vacuum system needs no extra external power - it is driven by the high pressure cleaner's motor. The DiBO GreenBoiler boasts 92 per cent efficiency, low fuel consumption and low emissions. And a range of accessories is available for floor and wall cleaning, for example.

These features make the JMB-H WWC suitable for graffiti removal, cleaning of wall and street surfaces etc.

Tel: +32 14 67 22 51. Email:

Recycles water

The basis for the Aquila Triventek SH302REC is the Aquila TD302REC - a high pressure cleaner that recycles more than 95 per cent of water. This machine also collects dirty water containing harmful substances and chemicals from graffiti paint and workshop floors, for example, cleans it and reuses the clean water over and over again.

The hydraulic-powered 'super silent' vacuum for the SH302REC high pressure system runs in a closed eco-system preventing splashes and other nuisance to passers-by and the surroundings, making it possible to clean with water under high pressure even indoors.

Features include programmable touch screen; safety system monitoring of vital functions; and BKX Unloader which relieves pressure on the system as soon as the high pressure cleaner is not in use.

Tel: +45 70 22 12 92. Email:

Highly mobile

According to Kärcher the primary characteristic of its HDS 5/11 U hot water high pressure cleaner is mobility. It is slim and upright, and pulled by the user like a sack truck using the handle at the top of the housing. A recessed step enables the user to easily tilt the machine so it can then be transported on its two large diameter wheels.

The machine is controlled by a large rotary knob on the front panel and operates with water at a temperature of 80°C, a water flow rate of 450 litres per hour and a maximum pressure of 110 bar. A sensor monitors the flue gas temperature during operation and prevents the machine from overheating.

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