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15th of October 2010

ECJ takes a look at what's new in battery technology.

Deep cycle

For the floor cleaning market Fullriver Battery Manufacturing offers a line of sealed, maintenance-free deep cycle batteries. The main advantages of sealed units, the company says, are that they are non-spillable, non-hazardous and maintenance-free. They also have a significantly lower self discharge rate, providing a longer shelf life and making them less prone to freezing.

Fullriver manufactures its batteries from grid casting to final assembly, which means the entire manufacturing process is controlled to ensure batteries adhere to the engineering specifications. It says its units offer the longest run times for floor cleaning machines.
The company has a worldwide distributor network.

Tel: +1 805 484 7900. Email:

Lower cost ownership

EnerSys Motive Power Europe specialises in stored energy solutions for industrial applications. Its batteries, chargers and battery accessories are available worldwide.

For large operations the company also offers the software system EnerSys PowerNet to manage battery fleet use and charging. By scheduling charging to avoid costly spikes in electricity demands and ensuring the correct rotation of batteries less electricity is required, EnerSys says. When all aspects of battery fleet management are operating at optimum efficiency, life-time battery costs can be substantially reduced.

Tel: +32 22 21 51 818. Email:

100 years old

The Sonnenschein battery brand was launched in Germany in 1910 and the company still specialises in Dryfit gel batteries. The Dryfit technology consists of a closed system in which the electrolyte is trapped in gel, making these units suitable for areas where hygiene
is paramount.

There is no gassing or risk of acid spillage in the event of damage and the batteries can also be used in extreme operating conditions. Unlike flooded batteries they require no topping up, they have a low self-discharge rate and offer a long service life.

Tel: +45 7585 9922. Email:

More power

The Deep-Cycle Gel line from Trojan Battery is designed to deliver more power in floor machine applications. Sealed and maintenance-free, they are suitable for use in health and safety-sensitive applications.

The gelled electrolyte is a proprietary formulation containing sulphuric acid, fumed silica, pure demineralised, deionised water and a phosphoric acid additive. This formulation produces a homogenous gel that delivers consistent performance and long cycle life says Trojan. Calcium copper lead alloy grids provide longer shelf life and superior corrosion resistance.

The heavy-duty grids lock active material onto the grid network to deliver concentrated energy to the terminals. Premium grade, double-insulated separators allow maximum charge flow between the plates for optimum performance.

Tel: +1 562 236 3000. Email:

Lithium-ion solution

EDrive LiFe is a new line of lithium-ion batteries built in cooperation between Emrol and Fullriver, with Fullriver’s long-life LithiumIronPhosphate (LiFePO4) cells.

Advantages of these new maintenance-free batteries, according to Emrol, include greater autonomy at 250 per cent longer run time; longer service life; cost efficiency; volume/weight savings; fast charging; opportunity charging; and ecologically responsibility (the batteries are fully recyclable).

Emrol says the new batteries can be integrated into machines built for traditional lead-acid batteries because the batteries are mechanically identical and have the same voltages.

Tel: +32 3 309 24 24. Email:


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