Kärcher MopVac B 60/10 C floor cleaning alternative

5th of November 2014
Kärcher MopVac B 60/10 C floor cleaning alternative

The MopVac B 60/10 C is a new product category which combines the best features of a mop and bucket system with the best features of a scrubber dryer, says manufacturer Kärcher.

With its working width of 60 cm the B 60/10 C can clean five times faster in open areas compared to a regular mop says Kärcher - and it leaves the floor dry. The mop features a mechanical pump for vacuuming waste water which allows it to operate independently from mains electricity and battery running times.

The operator only needs to push the machine forward in order for solution from the fresh water tank to be applied to the mop with cleaning pad. And there is no need for manual wiping or wringing.

And because it has a sound level of 52 db(A) the Mopvac can be used in public areas.


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