Take a seat on the ergonomically correct toilet of the future

30th of December 2013
Take a seat on the ergonomically correct toilet of the future

A new lavatory said to reduce the risk of colon diseases - while also being able to tell if you are ill or pregnant - has been unveiled by a trio of industrial design graduates.

The Wellbeing Toilet is designed to be used at an angle between sitting and squatting, which is said reduce colon problems.

According to the three design graduates from London's Central St Martin's University, today's toilets are potentially detrimental for health since they force users to perch upright at a 90-degree angle.

"The angle increases the risk of colon diseases and bowel-related illnesses," explains designer Sam Sheard. "Ideally you should squat but there are negative social connotations because we're used to sitting down on a toilet."

The Wellbeing Toilet aims to facilitate a better posture among toilet users by allowing them to use the lavatory at a more ergonomic angle. It also analyses the urine of the user.

"It's what you'd get if you go to the doctor and they check for diabetes, kidney disease or phosphates in the urine," said Sheard. He adds that the toilet can also be used to test for pregnancy.

"The industry connected with pregnancy tests has huge costs both financially and environmentally - with resources, manufacturing, plastic packaging, and distribution - and if you can encompass that within a toilet you can have an impact."

Sheard and the two other design graduates - Pierre Papet and Victor Johansson - won a Dyno-Rod Drains competition to reimagine the toilet. Although the ergonomic toilet is still only a concept, the designers say the technology is completely viable.


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