Survey highlights spring cleaning expectations

29th of April 2013
Survey highlights spring cleaning expectations

The concept of spring cleaning is very much alive, according to a recent study by cleaning solutions manufacturer P&G Professional. It found that 61 per cent of European customers expect hospitality operators to maintain spring cleaning standards all year round.

The study, designed to find out how spring cleaning is perceived across the continent - took place across five European countries and involved 500 respondents. The Italians, German and French, it found, are almost twice as likely than the British or Spanish to associate spring with cleaning. A quarter of them say it is important for restaurants and hotels to do a deep clean during springtime although most of them agree that year-round cleaning is critical.

Cleanliness can also prove to be a critical differentiator, the research found, with 97 per cent of guests agreeing that it is the most important factor when choosing a restaurant, café, bar or hotel.

The French seem to be the most impulsive guests - 23 per cent of respondents would simply walk out of the establishment if it were not clean enough. The British and Germans would choose a more straightforward approach and complain to the staff directly.

One fifth of customers would also complain online either via review websites or social media. Nevertheless, across Europe, if cleanliness standards fell below the expected standard required by guests, 44 per cent of customers would simply never go back.

It's also interesting to note 90 per cent of respondents think cleanliness is important when deciding whether or not to leave a tip.



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