Stick-on robotic arm puts the toilet seat down automatically

14th of December 2018
Stick-on robotic arm puts the toilet seat down automatically

A battery-operated device for the household toilet could help save relationships, according to its developers.

Described as "a box with a better memory than your boyfriend", the SmartNudge ensures that the toilet seat is always returned to its lowered position after use by a man.

The unit contains a sensor which automatically detects when the seat has been raised. After a period of 90 seconds an arm extends and gives the toilet seat a flick, allowing gravity to take over and lower it the rest of the way.

Powered by four AA batteries, the SmartNudge has a peel-off self-adhesive strip that allows it to be attached to the underside of a toilet lid. An internal motherboard ensures that the seat remains up for 90 seconds - more than four times as long as the average man takes to urinate, according to the developers.

Manufactured in the Czech Republic, the SmartNudge is claimed to remain operational for 18 months before the batteries require changing. Four "slam stoppers" ensure that the seat descends slowly even on a unit without a soft-close lid. And an optional mounting kit allows the user to attach the device using magnets if preferred.

The developers of SmartNudge are using a KickStarter campaign to fund the project and are offering its first customers an "earlybird price" of $US29 to help build sales. Money raised from the campaign will go towards funding a full production run, scheduled to begin by April 2019.



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