Spike in UK hand sanitiser sales due to Coronavirus fears

6th of February 2020
Spike in UK hand sanitiser sales due to Coronavirus fears

Hand sanitisers have been flying off the shelves in UK pharmacies as the Coronavirus outbreak causes panic among shoppers.

Several lines of antibacterial hand sanitiser products and surface sprays are now out of stock at Boots the Chemist while other companies are reporting similar shortages.

The UK Government advice regarding Coronavirus is to carry tissues at all times to catch coughs and sneezes and to wash the hands with soap and water after coughing, sneezing, blowing one's nose, visiting the washroom and before eating.

People are also urged to cleanse their hands after taking public transport and to clean and disinfect all frequently-touched objects. And they are advised to use a hand sanitiser in situations where soap and water are unavailable.

Guidance by the NHS and WHO is that people should use a disposable towel to turn off taps after washing and drying their hands to avoid any risk of re-contamination.

Meanwhile, face masks are also in short supply as an increasing number of people choose to wear these in airports, stations and other public areas. But anyone opting to buy a Safe and Sound Surgical Face Mask from Boots will be out of luck as the website text below the item reads: "This product has sold out and we won't be receiving any further stock".

When asked whether people should use face masks to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, UK health secretary Matt Hancock replied: "There are circumstances in which they work, but we are not recommending them for people generally to wear.

"Washing your hands is much better than using a face mask."


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