Smart toilet bursts into flames while someone is using it

13th of December 2023
Smart toilet bursts into flames while someone is using it

A suspected short-circuit led to a smart toilet bursting into flames - while it was still in use.

The incident occurred a few weeks ago in Fujian Province, China, and is claimed to be the latest in a string of similar incidents concerning smart toilets in the country.

The unnamed victim first noticed the smell of burning before plumes of white smoke started billowing from the toilet bowl. And as he stood up, the unit burst into flames. Photos taken by the man revealed that he had had no time to put on his shorts before the toilet started burning.

The incident was reported in the Yangtze Evening News and the cause of the blaze has not been revealed. However, the owner suspects that it was sparked by a short circuit.

A similar incident was reported in August 2022 when a man in Lishui, Zhejiang Province, awoke to the smell of smoke only to discover that his smart toilet was burning in the bathroom. And in August of this year, a smart toilet in Shibing County, Guizhou, burst into flames for no apparent reason.

Smart toilets offering functions such as heated seats, bidet, night light and ambient music were first developed in Japan. However, the market has been growing steadily in China where companies including Fabia, Seewin, Orans and SKTA manufacture home-grown versions.

According to Goldman Sachs, adoption levels of smart toilets in China are likely to rise from four per cent in 2022 to 11 per cent by 2026. In Japan this figure currently stands at 80 per cent - whereas in the US it is lower than one per cent.



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