Perthshire start-up pioneers 'game-changing' self-cleaning tech

29th of September 2022
Perthshire start-up pioneers 'game-changing' self-cleaning tech

An anti-biofilm system created by Perthshire start-up Penrhos Bio is said to be able to provide a sustainable alternative to disinfectants and antimicrobial agents.

The system, which protects surfaces against bacteria, fungi and algae, has been developed based on an understanding of how certain red seaweeds can provide natural protection against biofilms.

The substance can be applied to surfaces and coatings or incorporated into materials. It is claimed to provide a powerful method of fighting harmful biofilms.

Penrhos Bio has just received a £1 million cash injection from a group of private investors including Fife investment firm Eos Advisory to develop the system. This sum will help to accelerate the commercialisation of Penrhos' patented platform technology, Remora, which has been developed in collaboration with household goods giant Unilever.

Remora is the result of more than a decade of development in conjunction with various research partners including several UK universities.

Penrhos Bio believes its new system is set to revolutionise the global industry. Chief executive Richard Hammond said: "Our story is one inspired by nature, with sustainability and the environment front and centre of everything we do.

"With the support of Eos and a number of private investors we will continue to build the business, grow our team with key hires, further our commercial partnerships and navigate the regulatory environment ahead of commercialisation."

Penrhos Bio will now spend the next 12 to 18 months navigating its way through the regulatory approval processes with its commercial partners.



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