Japan wants to capitalise on high-tech toilet attention

27th of May 2015
Japan wants to capitalise on high-tech toilet attention

Japan is hoping that the global attention attracted by its high-tech toilets will boost tourism and toilet sales.

The Japanese government plans to capitalise on worldwide interest in its smart lavatories in a drive to promote its toilet innovation worldwide.

Nearly every household in Japan and most public washrooms are equipped with a mains-powered electric toilet seat.

Basic models incorporate a seat-warming function while more upmarket toilets also have motion sensors, odour neutralisers and variable water jets designed to conserve energy and water. Some even have a flushing water audio feature for shy users who wish to mask toilet sounds.

Japan media sources claim that the country's clean, high-tech toilets are a draw for tourism and may form part of the government's growth strategy. As a result, more high-tech toilets could be installed in areas that are frequented by tourists such as airports.

Other measures proposed by the Japanese government include an international standard for toilets and an awards system. The nation may also produce promotional videos for foreigners to showcase Japan's toilets ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, claim newspaper sources.

Japanese toilets are currently eliciting interest from many other Asian nations, and electric toilet seats are among the most popular items targeted by Chinese shoppers visiting the country.




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