ISS publishes white paper on AI and the future of facility services

4th of December 2023
ISS publishes white paper on AI and the future of facility services

Global facility services provider ISS has published a white paper exploring the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in facility services - ‘Rising Above the Noise: What Artificial Intelligence Means for the Built Office Environment’.

Authored with distinguished AI scientist Inma Martinez, the white paper provides actionable insights for deploying AI in the built office environment; elevating human potential and reshaping the future of workplaces.

Exploring the dynamic intersection of human ingenuity and emerging technologies. The paper examines key components of a workplace, including:

• Energy
• Building sustainability
• Workplace experience
• Talent attraction & retention
• Information security.

Each chapter culminates in key takeaways, offering a strategic roadmap for intertwining AI with core operations.

Commenting on the transformational role AI will play in the built environment, Inma Martinez explained: “The built office environment is about to enter an exponential era of AI-driven products and services that will transform how we address the challenges ahead. This includes in sustainability and energy management; designing responsive, adaptable and scalable integrated services, and - perhaps most critically - in enabling a decentralised data architecture that allows for further optimisations”.

Martinez was a participant at the UK’s recent AI Safety Summit, hosted at Bletchley Park. Her credentials include groundbreaking work with Cambridge University and Trinity College Dublin, where she pioneered the first real-time AI recommendation system for the mobile internet.

Leanne Lynch, CIO of ISS UK & Ireland added, “This exploration of AI aligns with our ambition to harmonise human ingenuity with technological advancements, especially within sectors like food and energy. It’s an exciting journey that promises enhanced operational` efficacy and a greater impact on the communities and clients we serve.”

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