ISS Germany launches catering app for customers

19th of December 2016
ISS Germany launches catering app for customers

Facilities service provider ISS Germany has launched a catering app, 'ISS Frisch', to improve clients' dining experiences. The app allows users to view menus, customise meal planning by adding food preferences, and give the chef feedback on the food.

The app was launched earlier this year and has now been rolled out at Hewlett Packard Enterprise at Ratingen, Bad Homburg and Böblingen, Capgemini in Düsseldorf, and BAUR Verlag in Weismain and Altenkunstadt.

Thomas Korn, director of catering excellence at ISS Germany said: "Each meal we make aims to make people happy, to make their work days more pleasant. But thousands pass through our restaurants. We can't stop every person to ask for feedback. This smartphone app allows us to engage our individual customers in a conversation and improve our service without disrupting their day."

The app can be installed on any smartphone by scanning a QR-code. Users receive the week's menu for their particular restaurant, with images, descriptions, ingredients, price, and allergens of individual dishes.

They can also set up a user profile with food preferences and restrictions, in which case the menu will adjust to show dishes with appropriate ingredients, improving the dining experience for vegetarians, vegans, and people with food allergies and intolerances. The ISS Frisch app also provides an opportunity for sharing feedback. Users can rate meals on the app and leave comments, giving catering staff the feedback they need to improve the restaurant experience.

In addition, the app includes a wish list function, where users can share what they would love to be served in their local restaurant. Finally, through the function called Meet & Eat, people can arrange lunch dates with their colleagues through the app's integration with Microsoft's Outlook calendar.


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