Hidden cameras reveal how little some hotel maids really clean

5th of December 2014
Hidden cameras reveal how little some hotel maids really clean

A hidden camera investigation into hotel maids discovered that many of them neglect important tasks when preparing a room for a new guest.

Maids were spotted using dirty towels from the previous guests to wipe countertops, the toilet, the bath - and even the drinking glasses.

Investigative journalists in New Jersey, US, booked rooms for two nights at various popular hotel chains and then rigged them with cameras.

In each case they filled the drinking glasses and threw towels on to the bathroom floor before calling to ask housekeeping to make up the room. They also displayed the pre-printed card requesting that all linens should be changed.

At one hotel the cameras recorded a maid using a towel to dry the toilet and shower before using the same towel to wipe the units where the guest would place their toothbrush.

At a second property, the maid changed the sheets but not the pillowcases. And at a third hotel the maid placed the used drinking glasses into the sink, rinsed them and then used the dirty towels from the bathroom floor to dry them. The maid used the same towel to wipe down the countertop, the toilet and the bath.

None of the top blankets or comforters at the hotels were changed. Experts reading the report advise travellers to specify to housekeeping that they would like all bedding - including the pillowcases - to be changed. Guests should also put in a request for fresh cups or only used the pre-wrapped cups and glasses provided, say experts.




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