Eco-unfriendly offices a frustration and disappointment for employees, says study

5th of July 2022
Eco-unfriendly offices a frustration and disappointment for employees, says study

As people return to their offices, there is a clear shift in sustainability expectations as 43 per cent of workers feel their offices are actually "shamefully" eco-unfriendly and almost half are dissapointed that their employer did not improve anything during the pandemic.

The Tork Eco Office Survey, conducted on behalf of Essity among 12,000 workers in seven countries across Europe, reveals a resounding 84 per cent of employees want to see a more environmentally friendly office.

The research also shows seven out of 10 employees feel they are left to take the lead and many have already considered implementing eco-friendly practices themselves as around one in three say their bosses don't appear to care for the planet at all.

Combine this with the response from 66 per cent that they actually select companies based on their sustainability reputation and actions when looking for a new job, there is a clear shift many companies should be aware of says Essity.

Topics such as recycling and reducing waste, energy use and better internal communications around sustainability are top priorities for employees to address.

"There has been a definite shift over the past 18 months in our general attitudes as workers take the issue of sustainability more seriously than ever before," says Renee Remijnse, sustainability director at Essity Professional Hygiene. 

"There is a clear expectation and request for an eco-friendly office, something not all employers are taking seriously. Simple steps, such as improving recycling practices and reducing use of energy can already make a difference, but only if you include and communicate with your employees to get the best impact."

The web survey was conducted in the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Poland. Essity gathered insights from the general public, interviewing 12,000 respondents aged 18-55+ who normally work in an office. The research was carried out in March - April 2022 and for the UK in October 2021 by OnePoll.


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