Battery power is the way forward

6th of November 2023
Battery power is the way forward
Battery power is the way forward

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Step into the cutting-edge world of battery technology and explore the innovations, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead with Numatic's Head of Technology, Matthew Coles.

What are the most important shifts in technology within the cleaning industry today?

The cleaning industry has seen significant shifts in technology, especially in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, recent labour shortages and the drive toward more sustainable solutions.

Some of the most important shifts include: Increased use of automation and robotics improving efficiency, repeatability and reducing labour costs. Robotic vacuum cleaners, window cleaners and floor scrubbers have become more accessible and are beginning to be seen more widely used across different industries.

Adoption of smart technologies and cloud-based software for remote monitoring and management of cleaning operations. This enables real-time tracking of cleaning activities, schedules, and equipment maintenance.

Battery technology has advanced in a wide range of cleaning products, particularly a shift to lithium solutions increasing runtime and longevity of battery cells.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is set to refine and enhance many areas of our industry, redefining routine functions. Predictive cleaning and maintenance, along with enhanced automation are areas of notable transformation. AI is reshaping our global landscape; tapping into its potential will not only enrich our industry, but also hold promise of benefiting virtually every other sector in years to come.

Cordless technology is ever evolving, what's the most interesting thing about battery technology?

I find the continuous advancements in battery technology particularly interesting. The ongoing efforts to enhance performance, storage capacity, material sustainability, as well as the latest research exploring novel materials, all aim to create batteries that are both more efficient and durable. Additionally, improved environmentally friendly practices, the prioritisation of material abundance and ethical sourcing is not only interesting, but it also plays a critical part in shaping and influencing future technologies.

Where will cleaning technology be in 5 years?

Cleaning technology will certainly continue to evolve and advance in the next five years. Whilst it's hard to make firm predictions in such a fast-moving area, some of the key emerging trends include: Greater use of IoT (Internet of Things) and connected devices, IoT will provide greater insight into cleaning efficiency and productivity.

Ongoing innovation in robotics is certain with adoption becoming commonplace, with the next generation of products offering increased features and autonomy.

The need for more sustainable cleaning will continue to grow, this will ensure sustainable manufacturing processes and materials are selected, along with an increased focus toward low energy usage for the entire product lifestyle.

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