Almost all cleaning industry students in Finland find jobs

30th of December 2015
Almost all cleaning industry students in Finland find jobs

Latest statistics show that 98 per cent of people studying to enter the cleaning and hygiene sector in Finland become employed.

Many are moving into the cleaning sector from other trades as the industry has achieved a more professional image and standing, and as there is increasing use of technology and better equipment.

Lea Vielmaa, for example, has studied cleaning and hygiene for six months at the Winnova polytechnic in Pori. Her perceptions of cleaning have changed in that time.

"Cleaning isn't as easy as people think. It isn't just straightening up like we do at home, you need qualifications," she says.

The training at Winnova lasts for around a year, with subjects covered including customer service, technology, chemistry, surface materials and cleaning technique.

"A cleaner must do their job correctly and hygienically. Thankfully modern equipment is so light and the materials are great. No one totes around a bucket anymore," Vielmaa adds.

In spite of rapidly rising unemployment in Finland there are still fields where jobs are available, and cleaning is one of the top sectors. People who have a Winnova hygiene certificate are almost guaranteed to be employed in their trade.

"Of our daytime students 98 per cent enter working life immediately after graduating," says training officer Marika Karismaa. "All you need is the will."

Karismaa says that cleaning is something that many turn to after trying their hand at another trade. And respect for that trade is increasing partly due to the high rate of employment.

The cleaning industry is also a good avenue for employing immigrants. "Every one of our student groups includes an immigrant," Vielmaa says. "We even have an immigrant-centred unit where students learn Finnish at the same time."



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