With summer comes deep cleaning

16th of October 2023
With summer comes deep cleaning

The summer holiday in Italy is traditionally the time for deep cleaning, explains Anna Garbagna.

In the last two months, summer has made its entrance forcefully in the Italian regions with alternating periods from definitely African heat to extreme meteorological events. One
of the main hygiene issues is often caused by heat and humidity creating fertile ground for the development of moulds and bacteria.

The summer break is therefore the ideal time to perform annual professional deep cleaning of offices, warehouses and factories. This is so that throughout the year it is possible to maintain an optimal level of cleaning on a daily basis.

It is not a coincidence that disinfectants show a double digit growth thanks to the contribution of high temperatures while washing aids and maintenance products also grow confirming that the period is ideal for industrial deep cleaning.

Peace of mind

Windows, floors (in offices) and machinery (in production lines) are indisputable points for those who wish to face the return to work with peace of mind.

When the production line is idle or slow working, cleaning can be more thorough - confirming August to be the ideal month for these activities.

Industrial extractors are essential for this type of operations, whether we are talking about containment tanks, machine tools or subfloors. To clean areas that are more difficult to reach, compact professional extractors are often used because they guarantee an exceptional level of hygiene despite their reduced size. The same applies to warehouse floors where the passage of forklifts can leave very deep tracks: in fact their wheels are often caked due to accidental spills of oils, dust and waste creating a sludge and grease that can make floors slippery and dangerous.

Thus, once again, cleaning becomes a safety instrument in workplaces. We must not forget desks, changing rooms and canteens which are often receptacles of bacteria if they are not sanitised regularly and systematically.

The use of two types of scrubber dryers (ride-on or walk-behind) according to the area to be cleaned, proves to be a winning choice for a safe and well sanitised workplace.

Orbital floor cleaning machines can be essential for dewaxing operations to remove waxes and polishes and to prepare floors for new coatings.

Carpets, often still present in offices or communal areas, must not be neglected because they are often receptacles of dust, bacteria and other types of dirt. Injecting water, using a specialised brush at high speed and the consequent dirty water extraction is often the ideal procedure for a deep cleaning operation.

And last but not least, before the start of the summer season the cleaning of air conditioning and ventilation systems is essential. In fact, it is not only dust lurking in the ducts but also bacteria or other pathogenic agents such as legionella that can be really harmful.

In all these years, the Italian cleaning sector has really been able to keep up with technology and innovation thanks to its companies which are among the most versatile in the world without ever forgetting that efficiency and reliability can grow also and above all in clean and hygienic environments.


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