Technology as marketing tool in Russian cleaning sector

6th of December 2013
Technology as marketing tool in Russian cleaning sector

Oleg Popov at Cristanval Cleaning, Russian reporter, looks at the industry’s use of social networking.

The most important element of every business is communication between the parties involved and rapid reaction to change. Prosperous companies tend to open up to customers’ concerns and interests, their colleagues and potential customers.

Young and energetic people of the new generation bring modern technology and enthusiasm into newly established companies. Seldom do they question themselves or others as to the desirability of using social networks. More often they ask how did businesses succeed without them in the past.

You may wonder what cleaners post in their blogs and on social networks pages. They share company news with their colleagues and dwell on the latest developing trends of the Russian cleaning business. Customers not only get to read about daily activities, the ups and downs, but also get rapid answers to their questions. Co-workers, and, potential associates in particular, have a ringside seat position.

Large cleaning companies cover several geographical regions of Russia and, hence, the supporting and boosting of team morale throughout the company is an essential task. Senior managers must readily use every communication resource available to make sure all personnel continuously feel part of a large family focused on a single goal. In achieving this goal, social networking plays a supplementary role in the arsenal of the HR department of each company. Posting about the achievements of individual workers always serves as a great motivator.

Social networks also assist companies in branding and  staying in touch with society at large. Getting feedback from readers serves as a help in catching whatever problematic points might occur in the daily routine while they are still in the early stage.

Networks also play a key role in evaluating statistics of logged-in users. It is quite important to see how many ‘goods’ or ‘likes’ the company or activity collects. Through social networks, IT deserves great appreciation as it offers a tool for communication between the company and
its clients.

When it comes to running social network pages, the primary responsibility of every company must be to avoid leaving a post from a user unattended. Each post must be replied to and attended to promptly. It should  make no difference whether the post is negative or positive. What is important is that the post came from a person who decided to take part in the company’s life and express himself. Thus, the tools born through technical progress allow us to maintain connections with clients, current and potential.

The leaders of Russian cleaning businesses strive to employ and adapt the best professional practices and adhere to global business standards. We are open to the market by showing our daily life and we believe this is how we become a valuable part of society.


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