Seizing new opportunities

22nd of December 2022
Seizing new opportunities

Anna Garbagna in Italy on a new national plan for the industry’s recovery being spearheaded by ANIP.

“PNRR e Servizi Industriali, imprese e opportunità” (PNRR and Industrial Services, companies and opportunities). That was the title of the webinar organised in Rome by national cleaning company association ANIP-Confindustria. It was an overdue and much needed meeting, given the current situation of the country and of the industrial cleaning sector.

The implementation path of the Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza – PNRR (National Plan for Recovery and Resilience) has become absolutely vital for the development of the market and in the last few months it has been in full swing in terms of the reforms that are required and that inspire it, and also the start of the various projects involved. Italy, as shown by recent political and economic events, is going through a critical stage regarding investments and reforms, both those required in the future as well as those already implemented.

Moreover, this period requires a clear direction, aimed at removing administrative, regulatory and procedural obstacles to allow implementation of  new projects without further delays. Unsurprisingly the reforms requested by the sector include: simplification of public procurement, competition law, delegated laws on corruption, reduction of payment time by public administration, simplification and rationalisation of environmental standards, repeal and revision of rules that fuel corruption.

All these measures would help the sector, which is already dynamic and evolving in itself, to continue its natural journey of growth and success.

In this context, as explained by ANIP-Confindustria president Lorenzo Mattioli, the service sector - which has proven to be a key and propulsive element of the recovery in Italy, taking into consideration the economic force and the human capital it includes (in Italy 70 per cent of workers are employed in the service sector) - wants to seize the opportunities offered.

Meanwhile, the awareness to be created at industrial and policy maker level is that we can no longer be considered a commodity but rather our services are an indispensable element and their value changes according to who delivers them. The level of service measures the degree of development of each small or large community and therefore of the country.

In this context of rapid evolution rich with opportunities, ANIP-Confindustria organised a meeting with the participation of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and with the contribution of experts from the sector, to present to service companies the opportunities offered by PNRR and at the same time to deliver the proposal of the new  reality of the Country System defined service industry to the economic, financial and institutional scenario of the country.

In addition to the president of ANIP Confindustria e Federazione Confindustria Servizi HCFS, the general secretary Barbara Fiorucci, the general director Central Service PNRR Ministry of  Economy and Finance Carmine Di Nuzzo, the director of Policy Area for Territorial Cohesion and infrastructures of Confindustria Giuseppe Mele and the head of department of  Development Foundation Italia Digitale Davide D’Arcangelo also took part in the event. The event was led by Paolo Valente, communications officer for ANIP-Confindustria.


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