2020 vision

15th of April 2020
2020 vision

As we start a new decade ECJ’s correspondent in the UK, Lynn Webster, looks ahead to the opportunities which could arise for the cleaning sector.

Is January the opportunity for positive thought or time to wallow in the gloomy post New Year blues? Despite the shadow of Brexit and some economic uncertainty, we are embarking on not only a new year but a whole new decade, when we should demonstrate the appetite to explore and maximise the best opportunities.

“Choose to be optimistic, it feels better,” said the Dalai Lama. There is plenty to be excited about.
It is a time to focus on what to achieve, to improve, to develop and to change during 2020. The UK facilities and cleaning market will face many challenges over the next five to 10 years. To deliver a quality service it needs a clear vision and driving ambition.

This may include developing a revised business or personal vision for 2020; improving services for current and future customers; improving and developing new skills for all levels of the team; improving health and wellbeing for the workforce and attracting the right talent.


There are substantial examples of emerging technologies and a rise in their adoption across the various sectors of the industry. Businesses continue to seek future-proof solutions in their operations so the reliance on technology and innovation has become more prevalent than ever. Technology has the potential to make the business run smoother, make time more efficient and to help to keep costs down.

Artificial Intelligence can be perceived in some quarters as rather scary, threatening current roles and processes for individuals but at the same time there are the advantages of significant innovative technological changes for positive progress.

High impact

Innovations can be regarded as all-encompassing whether it be exploring new methodologies, introducing latest products and presenting new ideas to the market; a project on a grand scale of investment; or potentially something relatively small but with great impact.

The Cleaning and Support Services (CSSA) through its Innovation and Technology Executive is providing a platform to showcase a wide range of potentially groundbreaking innovations and innovators through its ‘Dragons Den’ initiative. This provides an opportunity to present varying business ideas to a panel of leading UK cleaning industry experts, where they will pitch their innovative ideas under close scrutiny and with deep probing questions.

The “dragons” will select the worthiest to go forward to the Cleaning Industry Showcase, an event that celebrates the cleaning industry’s most innovative products, services and initiatives. This will take place at The London Stadium in March in front of the industry’s great and good.

What an amazing opportunity.

So, is your 2020 going to be a vision of 20 PLENTY or 20 EMPTY? Instead of making the same unachievable resolutions, create intentions and experience your goals in action.


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