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Trojan Battery Company

12380 Clark St Santa Fe Springs CA 90670 United States Tel: +1 562 236 3000 Fax: +1 562 236 3282 Web: www.trojanbattery.com Email: marketing@trojanbattery.com

About this company

A multitude of challenges impact the floor cleaning machine industry today from reduced budgets and tight schedules to increasing environmental regulations.  Equipment inefficiencies due to battery failure shouldn't be one of those challenges.  Trojan's advanced battery technologies provide the power and longevity to maximize floor cleaning machine performance, reduce downtime and extend overall battery life.  Trojan offers three types of batteries for use in floor machines - flooded, AGM and gel.  Trojan also is exploring the development of lithium-based batteries.


Trojan's deep-cycle flooded batteries with T2 Technology are engineered for sustained capacity and total overall ampere-hours, resulting in more operating power.  Trojan's flooded batteries provided rugged durability and long life and feature six-volt, 12-volt and 36-volt models, including:

  • J305G-AC
  • J185P-AC
  • L16P-AC
  • T-105

AGM & Gel

Trojan's sealed, maintenance-free AGM and gel batteries are engineered to provide powerful performance and address environmental regulations.  The following models are ideal for European floor machine requirements:

  • 6V-Gel
  • 5SHP-Gel
  • TE35-Gel
  • 24-Gel
  • 27-Gel
  • 6V-AGM


Trojan has partnered with Palladium Energy to explore development of lithium batteries for the floor machine marketplace. This strategic partnership enables Trojan to expand its portfolio of battery offerings to meet evolving customer demands in the floor machine industry for lithium-based battery technology. 


Trojan's HydroLink watering system makes maintenance of Trojan's flooded batteries easy.  Proper maintenance and periodic watering maximize the performance and life of Trojan's deep-cycle flooded batteries.  With Trojan's HydroLink advanced single-point watering system, precise battery watering is made easy, saving time and money when on the job.

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Our Partners

  • ISSA Interclean
  • EFCI
  • EU-nited