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With its origin dating back to 1867 Jungbunzlauer has a long tradition in the development, production and distribution of bio-based ingredients. Family owned, the company achieves a turnover of 700 mEUR with more than 1000 employees worldwide and a strong focus on sustainability.  Headquartered in Switzerland, Jungbunzlauer offers a broad portfolio of products manufactured in four  plants in Austria, Germany, France and Canada. The products range includes: citric acid, gluconic acid and lactic acid, incl. neutralisation products and esters, the stabiliser xanthan gum, and the sweetener erythritol.

For the array of Personal Care Jungbunzlauer's product range encompasses xanthan gum for rheology control including a clear solution grade for transparent formulas, as well as effective and natural moisturising solutions based on ERYLITE®, sodium and potassium lactate, glucono-delta-lactone and calcium lactate gluconate. Citric acid esters are widely used as fragrance fixation agents, film forming agents in hair sprays and nail lacquer.

For Home Care and industrial applications the product portfolio comprises the three basic organic acids citric acid, lactic acid and gluconic acid, all providing gentle descaling properties for surface cleaning.

Xanthan gum can be used as rheology modifier and citrate esters provide excellent performance as plasticiser in floor polish applications. Citrates and, in particular, gluconates act as efficient chelating agents.

The complete Jungbunzlauer product range is based on locally sourced renewable raw materials transformed through fermentation processes into versatile ingredients approved by the strict ECOCERT and COSMOS standards as being of 100% natural origin.

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