Hylab announces its first post-consumer recycled white plastic dispenser!

To further our commitment to sustainability, Hylab unveils its first-ever autocut dispenser, crafted from over 99% of post-consumer recycled plastic. This product marks a significant milestone in moving closer to our long-term plan of zero waste to landfill.

This eco-friendly autocut dispenser is not just a testament to responsible manufacturing, but also a practical choice for consumers who are conscious about their plastic usage, this dispenser is designed to save on plastic consumption, reducing its material usage by 25% eases transport costs, making it a more cost-effective and sustainable choice.

Sustainability is at the heart of Hylab's mission. By introducing post-consumer recycled white plastic into our dispensers, we can reduce the environmental footprint that our products have. For every unit of 2nd Life purchased in place of a non-recycled dispenser, the emission savings are equivalent to those produced by driving 32km in a diesel car.

While reducing the size and plastic consumption, Hylab has kept its bespoke offerings for the new Intro compact autocut dispenser, by providing fully customisable nozzles and roll holders. This makes it easier to adapt to specific requirements and ensures sustainability without compromise.

If you are interested in our latest product and would like to learn more about possible bespoke offerings, contact our sales team or visit our website to get in touch.

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