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Battery Supplies N.V.

Nijverheidslaan 50/56 8540 Deerlijk Belgium Tel: +32 56617977 Fax: +32 56617955 Web: www.batterysupplies.be Email: info@batterysupplies.be

About this company

Battery Supplies is one of the biggest suppliers of batteries, chargers & accessories. We supply from our 10 000m² warehouse in Belgium all over Europe. 90 dedicated colleagues ensuring best price offers & correct transport delivery. Battery Supplies is your one-stop-shop for all your battery needs.

Our range contains starting batteries, batteries for industrial cleaning machines, scissor lifts, aerial devices, fork-lift trucks, UPS, electrical tools etc.

Apart from that, we dispose of a complete range of accessories. The maintenance and repair of batteries and chargers are also one of our trump cards!

We have all types in stock for the industrial cleaning industry: Lead Carbon, AGM, Deep-Cycle, Traction, Semi-traction, (custom made) Li-Ion, chargers & accessories.

Lead Carbon batteries
A perfect alternative for GEL and AGM batteries: with our Lead Carbon battery range you can count on a battery lifetime that will almost double that of a GEL battery and more than triple that of an AGM battery.


• Maintenance free alternative for AGM & GEL
• Better cycle life: > 1300 cycles (70% DoD) & up to 1000 cycles with 80% DoD
• Excellent performance in (extreme) low temperatures
• Price-friendly
• Charging time: Charging time is shorter than normal AGM
• Can perfectly be used with good performance without being charged 100%


These handy and compact devices ensure a drastic reduction of battery degradation, this means:

• No voltage drop of the battery.
• Increased efficiency and reliability of the battery.
• Green: batteries can be used up to 3 times longer, where they are otherwise discarded.


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Our Partners

  • ISSA Interclean
  • EFCI
  • EU-nited