Warning: your recycling sacks are now being tracked

16th of May 2024
Warning: your recycling sacks are now being tracked

It is all very well implementing recycling systems and providing bags to accommodate items from various waste streams.

But how can we be sure that people are not putting the wrong things in the wrong bag? Or if they are simply refraining from using the bag at all?

Tracker Sack on stand 10.500 has the answer. As the name suggests, the company offers a system that tracks your sacks.

"We believe we are the only company to be able to track recycling and waste at bag level," said Tracker Sack innovation sales manager Martyn Higgins.

"By scanning a barcode, customers can check to see how much recycling is being carried out at any given facility and whether people are recycling as much as they say they are. The system monitors compliance and helps to ensure that clients put the right thing in the right bag."

It is easy to inadvertently contaminate a recycling stream by placing an item in the wrong receptacle. But Tracker Sack hopes to have an answer for this in the future.

"We are looking at ways of having an AI scan the bag to check, say, whether a banana skin has been put in with the plastic recycling," said.Higgins.

"The system is constantly developing and evolving, and we will soon be offering RFID technology allowing full transparency of the journey of your waste."




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