Unger launches the ‘ultimate squeegee’

8th of May 2014
Unger launches the ‘ultimate squeegee’

Window cleaning company Unger has developed a limited edition hand-made squeegee to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

The Unger Ultimate is said to be the first ever squeegee to be made from carbon, the lightweight material used for building aircraft and Formula One cars.

"We've used all the knowledge we have gained over the last 50 years to create the ultimate squeegee," said senior European marketing manager Jochen Wagener. "And we've only produced 1964 of them to mark the year in which our company was founded."

Presented in their own special cases and with a unique serial number on each, Unger Ultimate squeegees are being sold at 129 euros apiece.

The company has also launched pre-dosed resin bags for use with pure water window cleaning systems.

"Changing the loose resin used to create pure water can be very messy - and it can take up to two minutes," said Wagener. "Our pre-dosed resin bags take only seconds to change while avoiding all the mess involved with loose resin."

Unger is also promoting a pure water system that can be used in conjunction with most standard cars, along with improvements to its Ninja range of window cleaning tools.



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