UK firm to recycle washroom waste

21st of February 2024
UK firm to recycle washroom waste

Washroom waste is set to be processed into fuel by a UK firm committed to reducing the amount of waste that is sent to landfill.

Derby-based Go 4 Greener has teamed up with biotechnology company Advetec in a bid to repurpose washroom waste for businesses.

Go 4 Greener claims it will have the capacity to process 4,000 tonnes a year of items including hand towels, nappies and sanitary products with the aid of Advetec's XO22 aerobic biodigester.

The high moisture content of washroom waste traditionally means it can only be disposed of via landfill or incineration, says Go 4 Greener managing director Samantha Turton.

"Advetec's XO22 changes all that," she said. "It allows us to stabilise costs in the face of rising energy-from-waste gate fees, reduce our carbon emissions and crucially, support our mission to send zero waste to landfill."

Go 4 Greener has signed an eight-year contract with Advetec to convert washroom waste into solid recovered fuel following a month-long trial. Go 4 Greener recently won an award for Recyling Excellence - Site Management.

The company claims that the processed waste will be converted into nearly 2,000 tonnes of fuel each year. Advetec's biotechnology reduces waste mass by 50 per cent and waste volume and volume by 70 per cent.

"The Advetec XO22 will allow Go 4 Greener to move towards a more circular ethos, diverting waste from landfill and supporting the decarbonisation of heavy industries by turning waste once deemed worthless into a valuable fuel alternative," said Advetec's chief executive Lee Knott.



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