Innovation Award winners to be announced next Tuesday

28th of April 2014
Innovation Award winners to be announced next Tuesday

From the 10 finalists for the Amsterdam Innovation Award 2014, the category winners and overall winner have now been selected by the international trade jury. The winners will be announced on the first day of the exhibition, Tuesday May 6.

There are three categories:

Machines, accessories and components

Teinnova for the Visioair
The Visioair is a machine that cleans, views and verifies in one single operation all cleaning work in AC ducts. It uses air injection which is quicker, more cost effective and efficient than traditional methods - says Teinnova. The air head can travel any through any shape and size of duct - through the propulsion provided by compressed air - with an air blade effect that easily detaches adhered dirt from all four sides of the duct and records the results via camera.
This is a green technology that does not uses any chemical as everything is done on a dry basis. Dust is vacuumed instantly by an aspirator system that filters the smallest particles..

Tennant for T17 battery powered heavy-duty ride-on sweeper
Tennant's T17 is designed to reduce the costs of cleaning while providing a safe environment for operator and service personnel. It claims to be the industry's first combination of maintenance-free high performance scrub brush motors and AC propulsion system. It can clean virtually all day on a single charge, with the largest available battery capacity in its class.
The amount of water and chemical needed to clean is reduced thanks to the ec-H2O and ES (Extended Scrub) technologies. The machine filters and recycles recovered solution to extend cleaning time and increase productivity up to three hours.

Wetrok for the Discomatic Mambo
This compact scrubber dryer features a lithium-ion powered battery (which runs for around four times longer than a conventional lead battery) that offers a minimum of 1,500 cycles and is said to be outstandingly manoeuvrable. The handle is continuously adjustable to the user's size and there is an automatic transportation wheel for easy transportation between locations or storage rooms. Integrated dosing optimise chemical consumption, and there is a backwards water collector in order to access and treat inaccessible surfaces.
The right quantity of chemicals in proportion to the amount of water can be used at any time with the integrated dosage system. The water supply can also be adjusted at any time, even while the machine is running.

Equipment/tools for cleaning, care and safety

Tennant for the Orbio os3
The os3 generates both cleaning and disinfecting solutions on-site. These solutions are created through water electrolysis, which includes a small amount of salt. The os3 also includes a satellite system which allows solution dispensing in remote locations. Simplified process, improved health and safety, reduced footprint, lower training needs and reduced costs are key benefits
says Tennant.

Kärcher for the B60/10C
The MopVac B 60/10 C is a new product category which combines the best features of a mop and bucket system with the best features of a scrubber dryer. With its working width of 60 cm the B 60/10 C can clean five times faster in open areas compared to a regular mop says Kärcher - and it leaves the floor dry. It is independent from any kind of electricity supply and has been designed to be very simple to use.
The vacuum pump eliminates the need for swinging and wringing, which reduces the risk of injuries as well.

Sofidel for Biotech toilet tissue
Biotech is a toilet paper that utilises Biologically Active Tissue Paper (BATP)technology. It contains different microorganisms, totally harmless for man and for the environment. When the toilet paper reaches the water, the microorganisms are activated, producing enzymes and feeding on the dirt present in pipes and in the sewers. Once their action is complete, they biodegrade without leaving any residue.
The paper is designed to reduce the need for cleaning and maintenance of pipes and drains.

Management, training solutions and related products

Kärcher for Kärcher Fleet Services
Kärcher has developed a comprehensive solution to manage fleets of cleaning machines. Incoming data is converted in a meaningful way which can be viewed in many detail levels on a web-based, individually configurable user interface. With the meaningful information, organisations are enabled to manage their fleets and optimise their processes to new levels of efficiency based on data insights.

Hako for Hako Fleet Management Solutions
The Hako-Fleet-Management-Solutions, consisting of Hako-Fleet-Report and Hako-Fleet-Recorder, helps customer to keep their machines under control and to run economically and efficiently. The Fleet-Recorder logs machine data and transfer these via cell phone network directly to customer's computer. The Fleet Report supports offers data like machine prices, date/cost of repair and much more.

Alpheios for ExpertAtHand
The first app for devices like Google Glass that offers the possibility for a cleaning expert to look through the eyes of a cleaner and help and communicate with him in real time. The app is available both as a service from Alpheios and for cleaning managers themselves to interact with and support their cleaners. ExpertAtHand offers live support, projection of data and message interaction.

European Cleaning Machines Recycling
ECMR seeks to offer a sustainable and transparent recycling solution that closes the recycling circle of machines and equipment in the cleaning industry. Materials are sold on to certified processors for recycling in accordance with environmental legislation. This new concept will help achieving targets of reducing waste from products to almost zero.

The Visitors' Choice award allows all registered visitors get the opportunity to vote for the new product which they believe is the most innovative this year. To have your vote click here.

The big announcement will be made next Tuesday, May 6, at the Elicium. Visit the ECJ website at on the day of the awards ceremony and read about the winners there first.



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