Madonna uses DNA cleaning team for tour

17th of July 2012
Madonna uses DNA cleaning team for tour

Music star Madonna has a 'sterilisation team' to wipe away any DNA left in her dressing room during her world tour.

And she has ordered aides to leave no trace of her at any venue after she moves on to the next event.

This is the claim of promoters overseeing the Portuguese leg of the singer's MDNA tour, which will last more than seven months and span 80 countries.

"We can only enter after her sterilisation team has left the room," said concert promoter Álvaro Ramos. "There will not be any of Madonna's DNA - no hair or anything.

"They will clean up everything to protect her and make her feel comfortable. We cannot even look at the dressing room after it is ready or even open the door."

Only the tour organisers and Madonna's own entourage are allowed backstage passes to the shows. The singer's team has built her dressing room according to her own specifications to include fake ceilings and fake walls to ensure that no hidden cameras can be concealed.

Madonna's other demands in the past have included ordering a new toilet seat at every venue.

A source close to Madonna said: ''She is a perfectionist and expects the best. But then at her age and with her status, why shouldn't she?''


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