Detectamet Steri-99.9 Disinfectant Wipes are metal and X-ray detectable

10th of October 2014

New from Detectamet are Steri-99.9 Disinfectant Wipes which are packaged using a tub, a lid and a dispenser cap which are metal and X-ray detectable.

If they get mislaid and broken up into finished products then the detection systems at the end of the packing line will identify and reject the products before they get to the retailer.

The new blue wipes are available in two sizes. There are small probe wipes and the larger disinfection and sanitising wipes for general multi-surface sterilisation.

Steri-99.9 Disinfectant Surface & Probe Wipes incorporate a specifically formulated
disinfectant to kill harmful bacteria in seconds and they are supplied in re-sealable tubs and in refill packs containing 200 individual wipes.

The wipes have been stipulated for use in the food industry so they are non-perfumed and do not use alcohol in the formulation.

Detectamet has also designed some Detectable Wipe Stations that can hold one or two tubs of wipes and can be mounted on a handy wall.


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