Programmable dispensers from Unicorn Hygienics

6th of October 2014
Programmable dispensers from Unicorn Hygienics

From Unicorn Hygienics comes a range of products designed for washroom service companies, including vending machines, sanitisers, air freshening systems, sanitiser refills and aerosols, and sanitary bins.

The Sanair sanitising system consists of an automatic, fully programmable  dispenser, used in conjunction with the company’s range of refills. These eliminate odours in the washroom, while cleaning and sterilising urinals and toilets.

The system provides a continuous dose of concentrated, fragranced fluid, ensuring odours are eliminated and pipes are cleared, whilst simultaneously fragrancing the air.

A five-year warranty is standard and Sanair can be programmed for service intervals, using a 30 or 60 day cycle.

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