Vileda Professional UltraSpeed Pro

1st of October 2014
Vileda Professional UltraSpeed Pro

The latest mopping development from Vileda Professional is the UltraSpeed Pro bucket-and-press flat mopping system - the successor to the UltraSpeed system.

Because flexibility was one of the top priorities in developing this new system, the UltraSpeed Pro comes in three kits, to cater for a wide range of applications. System contains the mopping system - chassis, bucket(s) and press. Starter contains the system plus mop frame and mop pad while

Ready-to-Go comprises the starter kit plus a telescopic mop handle.

Wringing is said to average 12 seconds per press cycle with efficient pressing releasing up to 50 per cent more water. There is no hand contact with mops or cleaning solution for the operator and no bending is needed for wringing.

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