New product review

16th of September 2011

A round-up of latest product launches in the professional cleaning sector.

Fresh winds

New from Wetrok are three mechanical vacuum sweepers - Speedmatic Twister, Tornado and Zyklon - all boasting easy operation and affordable price.

The walk-behind Twister is a walk-behind machine with a 780 mm working width and onboard battery charger. The ride-on Tornado boasts compact design and comes in either petrol or battery versions. Finally, the diesel-powered Zyklon is designed for use on larger areas and features hydraulic lift on the dirt hopper.

The iMatic is the newest Wetrok ride-on scrubber dryer, boasting simple operation thanks to the touch-sensitive Touch N Go operating panel. The electronic Smart Drive System (SDS) allows the operator to steer, accelerate and brake with just one hand. The operating panel comes in six languages and a number of cleaning programmes can be stored.

Tel: +41 43 255 5103. Email: 

Award winner

Genesis Biosciences recently received a Pulire Innovation Award for its e card sanitary bin sanitiser - a natural anti-microbial product which eradicates bacteria within sanitary units.

Based on  patented  vaporisation technology, e card also releases a pleasant aroma in the surrounding washroom. It is made from sustainable materials and will biodegrade when disposed of, says Genesis.

Tel: +44 29 2079 1185. Email:

Water based

IPC Portotecnica has developed what it claims to be a completely new water-based cleaning solution. The ECR Eco Remover is built around a high pressure cleaner while also incorporating an integrated graffiti removal system.

This makes for powerful cleaning at high pressure combined with the action of an inert sodium bicarbonate based-agent supplied from a built-in hopper. Specially formulated for use with the ECR system, this agent is easy flowing, natural, inorganic, does not contain solvents or caustic chemicals, and is water soluble, with a soft and non-abrasive crystalline structure.

Tel: +39 0421 205511. Email:

Ride-on alternative

With the introduction of its Innova scrubber dryer Comac claims to be offering significant cost savings on cleaning costs. This compact ride-on is designed to replace walk-behind models and comes in two versions.

The Innova 60 B can be used on surfaces up to 3,500 square metres and has one disk brush offering a working width of 60 cm. Features include four hours of working time; compact size that can pass through any door; and low noise level.

With capacity of up to 4,000 square metres per hour, the Innova 65/75/85 B is available with two disk brushes for a 65, 75 or 85 cm working width. It can be fitted with the Comac Dosing System (CDS) for optimum use of water and detergent, and the Start&Stop system which halts water flow and brushes when the machine is idle.

Tel: +39 045 877 4222. Email:

Washroom app

Bestroom is a digital platform developed by washroom sanitation manufacturer F-MATIC, which uses a mobile app and web interface to give service providers and washroom owners instant feedback to streamline cleaning services and inventory management.

The app offers not only general rate and search functions but also the ability to sort by category, attributes and proximity to the users’ current location. Users can also provide specific feedback - right down to specifying a lack of soap, a plumbing problem or a dirty floor.

That feedback is instantly sent to washroom owners and service providers so they can request cleaning services, place orders or restock the facility.  A website interface can be used to access more advanced features.

Tel: +44 (0)845 519 6658. Email:

Clean and polish

The two speeds of Cleanfix's RA 431 B Duo allow for cleaning and polishing with the same machine. Cleaning is first carried out at a speed of 180 rpm, then the operator fits the Mexican fibre polishing brush - or white polishing pad - to polish at 500 rpm.

This model is said to be particularly suitable for the linoleum floors often found in schools. Cleanfix recommends using a cleaner/conditioner that produces a slightly shiny protective film during cleaning, then polishing to give the floor a lasting, dirt-repellent gloss.

Tel: +41 71 955 47 47. Email:

For large areas

The new TASKI by Diversey swingo 4000 scrubber dryer is a battery powered ride-on for large floor areas. Designed for round-the-clock cleaning in retail, transport, healthcare and other applications with expansive open spaces, this is the largest model in the range.

This model is said to combine a wide working width and large tank size with the outer dimensions of a more compact unit. With a cleaning capability of up to 6,375 square metres per hour, working width is 850 mm and tank capacity 200 litres.

Tel: +31 302476911. Email:



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