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13th of September 2011

A look at what's new in carpet cleaning technology.

Sensitive to water

The BRS 43/500 C from Kärcher is used together with iCapsol RM 768 OA carpet cleaner for dry interim cleaning of water-sensitive carpets.

The cleaning agent is sprayed onto the carpet directly in front of the two carpet shampooing roller brushes and then worked in at a speed of 500 rpm. As the brushes are contra-rotating, they cause the carpet fibres to stand up at the front and rear at the same time. Lint and loose dirt are collected in the dust pan.

The product has been designed to have a very short drying time, and to absorb unpleasant odours. It encapsulates dirt, which can then be picked up with an upright vacuum cleaner.

Depending on the degree of soiling, 50 to 250 ml in a six per cent solution is sufficient for one square metre - so it leaves very little moisture in the carpet. This means carpet is ready for use again after between 20 and 120 minutes.

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Deodorising challenge

For tackling all types of urine contamination problems on carpet and upholstery, Chemspec Europe has developed Kill Odor Plus to neutralise odours and encapsulate soiling. There is also the more targeted solution, Urine Contamination Treatment.

This is specifically designed to remove urine odour and it does not form a sticky residue - meaning it can be left in the carpet to perform the neutralising task before extraction rinsing at a later date.

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Minimal effort

Rug Doctor says its Pro cleaning system requires minimal time and effort. And it incorporates Quick Dry technology on both Mighty Pro and Wide Track machines.

Vibrating brush technology agitates the carpet fibres to loosen deep down dirt, and the carpet pile gets deep cleaned on both sides.

The system also includes concentrated cleaning detergents, plus stain and odour removal solutions. And each Rug Doctor Pro comes with a universal hand tool and 12-ft hose attachment.

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Lifting pile

A pile lifter, says KleenRite, helps to rejuvenate old carpet fibres because it lifts the pile of the carpet and works to break up soil and debris and extract embedded dry particulate matter - leaving it prepared for thorough cleaning.

The company has developed the X-Vac Pile Lifter, which features a 12,600 rpm high velocity vacuum fan and a natural vegetable brush that's safe for both natural wools and synthetic fibres. And to promote a healthier environment, the machine has top fill with 99 per cent (0.3 micron) filtration.

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Carpet strategy

Host carpet cleaning system manufacturer Racine Industries has launched Strategem, which it describes as a sustainable maintenance management and cleaning strategy.

The company says Strategem is an intuitive process that recognises the performance characteristics of carpet and how carpet performs relative to soiling and cleaning, and applies targeted solutions. With the Host Liberator or Freestyle Extractor-Vacuums, it claims cleaning staff will know immediately what needs to be done to keep the carpet clean daily.

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Industrial use

For the cleaning of smaller and medium-sized areas Hako has expanded its range of vacuum sweepers to include the Hako Hamster 650. Although it is just 68.5 cm wide the new model can clean up to 3,525 square metres per hour.

For carpeted areas, the carpet kit allows the battery driven machine to clean short pile carpets. The kit contains an automatic main broom switch-off when the machine comes to a standstill, a special fluff pre-filter and a modified filter shaker.

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All in one

The Truvox Hydromist Compact spray-extraction carpet and upholstery cleaning machine is one of a range of six Hydromist models. It is an all-in-one model with a 250 mm cleaning width and built-in rotary brush for lifting dirt from deep within the carpet pile.

With a high capacity 14-litre solution tank, Truvox says the Hydromist Compact is easy to manoeuvre thanks to its large non-marking stair-climbing wheels. The large recovery tank has a transparent lid allowing the operator to see how much dirt has been lifted from the carpet. And the carpet is almost dry after just one pass.

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Vac on the back

ProTeam says the design of its Super CoachVac and Super QuarterVac backpack vacuums is based on mountaineering backpacks, incorporating padded waist and hip belts that distribute weight over the leg muscles.

The company claims operators can work more quickly and efficiently than with conventional vacuums, as all floor types can be cleaned with a natural, side-to-side walking motion. Up to 930 metres can be cleaned in an hour.

The high capacity Super CoachVac weighs five kg, while the more compact Super QuarterVac is 4.5 kg. Both models feature ProTeam Four Level Filtration. HEPA filters and models are also available.

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Reach for Prochem

A new cleaning machine has been launched by Prochem Europe  for use with its REACH-accredited S745 Procaps encapsulation spray cleaner.

The new PRO 35 is an all-in-one solution for dry and wet cleaning and comes with renovator, brush covers, transport trolley and blue standard brushes with soft carpet and hard floor brushes as optional extras.

For wet cleaning the machine can be used with Procaps encapsulation spray cleaner, a soil encapsulating clear liquid formula that leaves carpets clean and dry in 20-30 minutes. For dry applications, there is Fiberdri dry cleaning compound.

Tel: +44 20 8974 1515. Email:

Good microorganisms

Beneficial microorganisms improve the cleaning performance in Novozymes products by penetrating deep into fabrics to remove stains and odours from carpet and upholstery.

The surfactant system releases the stain for cleaning, then the beneficial microorganisms penetrate into the carpet pile and subsurfaces, where they degrade the residual soils and organics that can cause stains and smells.

Deep cleaning and odour control is enhanced by degrading the residual organics embedded in the carpet and padding.

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Freedom to vac

The Jetvac accu vacuum cleaner, according to Vermop, offers complete freedom of movement to the operator when vacuuming. Because it has no cable (it is powered by a rechargeable battery) it is suited to daytime cleaning.

Three battery run times are available - 20, 30 or 45 minutes.

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