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15th of September 2010

As part of our special report, a round-up of lastest washroom dispensing systems.

Smart appearance

Ophardt Hygiene claims to have solved the problem of keeping stainless steel surfaces in washrooms clean and free of fingerprints with its SanTRAL range incorporating AFP (anti-fingerprint coating).

The coating, the company says, maintains the appearance of stainless steel permanently and visibly reduces the number of visible fingerprints. It is available on soap, paper, and toilet brush dispensers.

Tel: +49 2835 1837.  Email:

Sanitary disposal

The Hygobag dispenser with blue polyethylene bag refills offers tidy and hygienic disposal of sanitary products. Made by Hygolet, the integral folding system means a fresh bag is always automatically pulled into place.

For disposal of sanitary products and other refuse, the Wallbox compliments the Hygobag dispenser and has a snugly fitting lid to protect against unpleasant odour. Slits in the side panels are designed for easy positioning of the opaque blue plastic liners, while the hinged bottom panel makes it easy to empty and clean.

The Vario dispenser can be used for soap, foam or disinfectant thanks to its replaceable pumps. The chrome version - the Vario Chrom CN1 - is made from chrome-nickel steel.

Tel: +41 44 933 56 56. Email:

Smells clean

The Sanair sanitiser system is a four-fold WC cleaning and air freshening solution, says Unicorn Hygienic. The automatic programmable unit deodorises, cleans, de-scales and provides a powerful fragrance.

Freshening takes place constantly for up to two months using one of a choice of fragrances - Bubble Gum, Orange One, Senso Mandarin, Mediterranean Forest, Citrus Nostrum and Cool Mint. And because Sanair links into the washroom water system, including urinals, it also makes surfaces hygienic by creating a concentrated foam. This flushes through the system helping to keep pipes free from the build-up of deposits.

New is the Microair micro aerosol air freshener dispenser, which enables washroom managers to match the sanitiser and aerosol fragrance.

Tel: +44 845 217 2939. Email:

Individual needs

Hagleitner has extended its XIBU washroom range with the senseFRESHAIR air freshener dispenser. This features a built-in motion sensor, brightness measurement control and interval fragrance option for maximum control.

Tel: +43 5 0456. Email:

Intuitive efficiency

Designed to be intuitive and user-friendly while improving washroom efficiency are Tork Elevation washroom dispensers from SCA Tissue Europe.

The dispensers feature a semi-transparent window that allows the facilities manager to tell at a glance when paper towels, toilet paper and liquid soap need refilling - saving time spent refilling. Built-in spirit levels in larger dispensers make them easier to mount, while a dual-setting lock allows the operator to choose to open the dispensers either with a key or a push button.

A stub roll feature on the Tork jumbo and mini jumbo toilet roll dispensers helps to eliminate waste, since it allows the operator to place the stub of the previous roll on a spindle for reduced waste and subsequently waste removal cost.

Tel: +44 1582 677400. Email:


The VisionShuffle dispensing system offers multiple no-touch hygiene solutions, says manufacturer Hygiene Vision. The system combines a slimline automated dispensing unit with aerosol refill technology - refills are available in formulations from soap to surface cleaners.

The company claims VisionShuffle's technology offers the highest number of shots per refill on the market, making it cost effective.

Refills include a high quality luxurious foam wash with mild moisturisers, which is also available in an antibacterial formulation; an alcohol-based hand sanitiser with moisturisers; and an alcohol-based surface cleaner.

Tel: +44 870 01 22 733. Email:

Touch of class

Mercury is the luxury stainless steel dispenser range from Brightwell Dispensers - designed for upmarket washrooms. They are made in tough ABS plastic with a brushed stainless steel cover plate.

Designed to be easy to maintain while being functional and reliable, the range includes a soap dispenser, paper hand towel dispenser, jumbo and multiflat toilet tissue dispensers and a 25-litre waste bin.
The dispensers can be customised with a logo and contact details, and they can be locked to specific products. Pumps and fittings are interchangeable.

Tel: +44 1273 513566. Email:

Sprays handles 

The D3 Micro is an automatic door handle disinfecting device that automatically sprays an alcohol and quat-based disinfectant mist. Made by HYSO, the unit's quick-drying mist deposits a non-volatile anti-microbial agent on the door handle that continues to work on the surface between sprays.

It requires no special tools or wiring for installation and can be set to spray every 15, 30 or 60 minutes. The LCD screen indicates when the refill canister and batteries need to be replaced, while the proximity sensor detects a person is near and prevents the device from spraying the skin.

The D3 Micro powers down when the lights are off to save battery and canister life, and HYSO says it can be used on any door where maintaining a clean handle is important.

Tel: +1 212 944 0440. Email:

School special

Steiner Company is aiming to encourage good hygiene practises among schoolchildren with the introduction of its Metal Line Special School. It is designed so that pupils respect and take pride in their washrooms.

All products are easy to clean and liquid soap comes in 1,000 ml soap dispensers. The anti-vandalism cloth towel cabinet F8 distributes one soft and absorbent cotton towel and a wall separates the clean cloth from the used cloth to reduce bacteria. A sign on the cabinet offers information on how to best wash the hands while the anti-strangulation plate ensures child protection.

Tel: +41 21 614 04 04. Email:

Continuous towel

Vendor's IQ continuous towel cabinet uses patented technology to offer continuous scrim reinforced paper towel.

Like a traditional roller towel dispenser the IQ produces a ‘loop’ of paper towel and uses a portion control mechanism. But instead of a single roll which needs to be replaced the towel in the IQ cabinet can be topped up with a new ‘cassette’ of folded paper at any time.

Used towel is rolled up in the towel cabinet, completely separated from the new towel.
There are three models - the Classic, which presents a new towel after pulling down the used part; the Automatic, which automatically presents a new towel after the hands are dried; and the Sensomatic, which provides a clean towel when a hand is waved in front of the cabinet.

Tel: +31 13 578 6690. Email: 



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