Chartered in cleaning

15th of November 2021
Chartered in cleaning

Cleaning professionals can now achieve chartered status, as Lynn Webster in the UK explains.

We are all proud to acknowledge the professionalism of our industry. It is exciting to see many avenues being promoted for the upskilling and recognition of our workforce.

Until now what has been missing is the acknowledgement of our status in terms of senior management positions and in the boardroom. Our senior teams have sat unrecognised amongst the chartered accountants, engineers, surveyors, marketers, etc. A chartered professional is someone who has gained the level of skills and competence in their chosen field of work and has been recognised for this achievement.

It becomes a public commitment of your ethics and values and perception of you amongst other likeminded professionals. And now we are able to join them aligning our own formal credentials with the Register of Chartered Practitioners in Environmental Cleaning and becoming chartered environmental cleaners. This will include the post nominal of CEnvCln.

This chartered designation is the outcome of considerable work over seven years through the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners which received its Royal Charter in 2010 and recent approval from the Privy Council for the award. The register is a means of recognising, demanding and maintaining high standards from individuals whilst they demonstrate a commitment to continuing professional development.

Such individuals can come from the cleaning and a wide range of associated industries; applying their integrity; operating at a strategic, senior level; demonstrating significant competency in knowledge, practical skills, leadership, communication and commitment.

So, what will this mean? Why would you want to hold chartered status?

This is an acknowledgement to colleagues, peers and prospective employers of your knowledge and constant dedication to being a professional. It will demonstrate public declaration of your professional standards whilst committing to aligning your ethics and values with improved perception amongst other established professions.

It is a reflection of a career in cleaning when perhaps earlier learning and experiences have become forgotten in how they mould their business world of today. It allows for personal acknowledgement of the highs and sometimes lows in a career that can change direction many times. Now is the time to gain the endorsement of sometimes decades of great effort and hard work. Have an external validation of your personal achievements. It is about YOU and not the company or the business success. Why wouldn’t you aspire to have that recognised?

The launch was at The Cleaning Show in London where there was recognition for those who have been successful during the pilot stage and an initial cohort of successful applicants. There is still time to complete a submission to become a member of the first cohort of successful practitioners. The numbers will grow to establish the award as credit to all cleaning professionals in the UK and beyond.


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