Xibu Paperbox is new Hagleitner waste bin

28th of October 2013
Xibu Paperbox is new Hagleitner waste bin

The Xibu line of washroom dispensers from Hagleitner has been expanded with the addition of a new waste bin for paper towels, the Xibu Paperbox. This is available as the standard mechanical version Xibu touchPaperbox or with electronic sensor technology as the Xibu sensePaperbox.

Integrated into the lid is a storage space for one bag refill: the garbageBag Xibu has a volume of 45 litres. With the electronic version the sensor technology moves the waste bin to the inner wall of the Paperbox as soon as the lid is closed, increasing volume by 40 per cent. An LED signal shows the status of the battery and the refill, and there is also an optional acoustic signal.


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