Kennedy's Paper POD towel dispenser uses less paper

28th of October 2013
Kennedy's Paper POD towel dispenser uses less paper

The Paper POD is a mechanical auto-cut paper towel dispenser recently introduced by Kennedy. The company claims it can help to reduce paper consumption by up to 20 per cent because of the Reserve System.

Thanks to this, with its built-in patented stub roll loading mechanism, a new roll can be loaded into the dispenser before the previous roll has been fully used. When the stub roll has been fully used the mechanism transfers to the new full size roll.

Kennedy says the Reserve System prevents the paper from running out at the end of the roll, and ensures no unused paper remains on the stub roll.

The POD has been designed to accommodate many different paper rolls - various lengths, diameters, widths and thickness. Kennedy can supply a standard two-ply 110-metre roll.

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