Fragrance Delivery Technology (FDT) offers Viva!E

31st of October 2012
Fragrance Delivery Technology (FDT) offers Viva!E

The Viva!E continuous fragrance and odour control system, says Fragrance Delivery Technology (FDT) is the world's most environmentally friendly. The patented Oxy-Gen powered technology is emission free and can reduce the amount of VOCs emitted by aerosol cans by up to 90 per cent.

The fully recyclable refill contains pure, concentrated fragrance oil – around six times more than most aerosol refills says FDT - and a proprietary odour neutraliser Neutralox. All plastic parts can be disposed of in a recycling bin after use.

Viva!E comes with a choice of 12 fragrances and a range of dispenser colour options. It operates with 2 AA alkaline batteries that are claimed to last for up to two years.

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