High speed drying

15th of October 2010
High speed drying

Biodrier is a range of four high speed warm air hand dryers said to combine extreme energy efficiency, personal hygiene and fast hand drying with the lowest cost in use.

The Executive, Business, Junior and Eco models run on a third less power per hand dry than conventional models, says the manufacturer. They use heat from their own motors to warm the air and by blowing it through a series of ducts to build resistance that heats it. The air delivered onto the hands is claimed to be 100 per cent pure and bacteria-free.

Operation is touch-free - the user puts his hands into a recess where both sides are covered with high speed air. A water drain plug and collection tray prevents water flooding the unit's interior or dripping onto the floor.

Biodriers are also 100 per cent recyclable the manufacturer says, constructed in tough ABS with antibacterial finish. The colour choice is blue, silver, red or white.

Tel: +44 1392 444080. Email: sales@biodrier.com


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