Rapid bacteria testing from Hygiena

28th of January 2015
Rapid bacteria testing from Hygiena

Hygiena International has extended its range of MicroSnap bacteria rapid testing products to include Enterobacteriaceae. The measurement of this bacteria, it says, is a useful indicator of surface hygiene and product quality in the manufacture of heat processed food.

Rapid tests such as the specific ATP test system (MicroSnap EB) provides results in a working shift of less than eight hours and the test has many applications.

MicroSnap EB (Enterobacteriaceae) is a simple two-step test procedure with a total time to result of seven hours 15 seconds. The sample can be either a surface swab or one ml liquid sample or food suspension that is mixed with a proprietary enrichment broth in an all-in-one device and incubated.



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