Kimberly-Clark survey reveals office workers' germ concerns

23rd of January 2015

In an independent poll commissioned by Kimberly-Clark Professional in the UK, nearly three-quarters of office workers said they were concerned about germs in their workplace.

Twenty-one per cent said they were “greatly concerned” by germs at work, with 51 per cent stating they were “somewhat concerned”. Meanwhile, 57 per cent said they were worried about the transfer of germs from work to home.

Generally, there is a high level of mistrust among office workers in relation to their colleagues’ hand hygiene. More than half (56 per cent) said they worried that co-workers used the toilet without washing their hands and two thirds said they trusted their family’s hand hygiene standards more than those of their colleagues.

Kimberly-Clark recommends strategic positioning and distribution of sanitisers, both non-alcohol and alcohol, throughout the workplace. It also suggests ‘caddies’ for desks and meeting rooms containing tissues, a hand sanitiser and surface wipes.

Click here to read the latest ECJ report on hand hygiene


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