Superior Manufacturing Notrax matting for food preparation

4th of July 2014
Superior Manufacturing Notrax matting for food preparation

Notrax matting from Superior Manufacturing is designed for food preparation areas to maintain hygiene while preventing slips and falls and reduce fatigue during hours of standing. New in the range is 458 Skystep Red, which is resistant to oils and grease, with a closed surface for easy cleaning.

The mat is designed to suction to the ground which prevents it from shifting while trapping air in its chambers. These air pockets combined with the resiliency of the rubber create a cushioning effect.

Kitchen workers often work in cold areas during cleaning, preparation and packaging, or warm areas during cooking and serving. Factory floors, particularly in the food processing industry, are often cold and wet. Floor mats elevate standing workers from cold floors. This helps keep their feet warmer thereby improving the overall perception of well-being.


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