Kenosan alkaline foam cleaner from CID Lines

21st of June 2013
Kenosan alkaline foam cleaner from CID Lines

Kenosan is the new alkaline foam cleaner from CID Lines, boasting strong adhesion power
and deep cleaning action at very low dilution.

The manufacturer says that even in the most challenging applications, Kenosan can be used at a dilution rate of between one and 1.5 per cent, saving up to 50 per cent of product per square metre it says.

The product is also safe for the environment thanks to the use of vegetable based-surfactants enabling high biodegradability. It has also been tested on different surfaces and proven to be
non corrosive.

Cleaning action is improved by the extended contact time thanks to the sticky foam that stays attached to the surface - this saves on labour, water and energy says CID Lines. The foam becomes brown when it is incorporated with the dirt, it can then be rinsed away.


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