Cordless Turbolava 35 Plus Li-Ion by Cimel

27th of March 2015

For small and medium sized hard floors, Cimel developed the Turbolava 35 Plus Li-Ion scrubber dryer. This model can be used to clean in congested areas because it can navigate around tables, desks, appliances and beds. And because it is compact and light, and cordless thanks to the lithium-ion battery, it is simple to use.

The manufacturer says it can be used for both a daily clean and scheduled deep cleaning. The battery, which weighs less than three kg, can run for 45 minutes continuously.

Two inclined counter rotating brushes remove dirt right up to skirting boards, while two suction squeegees and the vacuum system dry in one pass - forwards and backwards.

Turbolava 35 Plus comes with a range of accessories including brushes, pad holders and microfibre pads.

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