OspreyDeepClean dry steam for healthcare cleaning

6th of March 2014

Suitable for cleaning in the health sector is the OspreyDeepClean low pressure dry steam technology, which it says offers cleaning efficiency and bacterial efficacy.

The company has developed a Dry Steam Vapour (DSV) cleaning technology for the cleaning and disinfection of medical devices such as patient beds, mattresses, privacy curtains, seats and other common hand contact surfaces (plastic laminate, stainless steel, vinyl, wood) typically found in healthcare environments. This is based on the application of controlled superheated dry steam vapour by purpose-designed steam vapour delivery tools.

The system has been validated on the efficacy and removal of bio-film and microbiological decontamination of the ‘risk’ contact surfaces for patients and clinical staff in a hospital.


Click here to read the latest ECJ report on hygiene in healthcare


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