Sky Pro Mini cleans windows automatically

14th of March 2013
Sky Pro Mini cleans windows automatically

The Sky Pro Mini system is a smaller and more nimble version of the Sky Pro window cleaning system - designed as a portable method of cleaning windows on mid-height buildings.

Manufacturer NuStar says a two-person operation can safely and profitably clean not only windows but an entire building using Sky Pro Mini. It folds down for easy transport and fits into the back of a pick-up truck, or there is an optional Sky Pro Mini trailer. Because the design is modular parts are easily replaced and it is made of lightweight aluminium to prevent corrosion.

Features include a 40-inch self-cleaning quick-change brush, optional on/off end brushes, dual motor design, emergency stop button, 12-volt wireless remote and two rigging choices. The lithium-ion battery delivers eight hours of operation. There is also a full line of optional accessories.


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